About Michael

Hi and welcome to my site, for those who don't know me or never heard me speak, let me give you a brief run down of who I am.

My name is Michael Maynard and I am the business mentor, what is my claim to fame and more importantly how can it help you?

I have helped 1000s of businesses over the last 15 years both make and save money, ranging from £20,000 to £700,000,000 (yes you read correctly £700 million) regardless of the amount the principles are the same.  My focus (more of a passion) tends to be on start-ups and small to medium businesses.

Am i qualified? well I hold a Business Management degree (with honours) a government endorsed business mentoring qualification, and I regular consult for organisations with several £100 million turnover, I also run TCBC a serviced office centre based in several UK cities.

I am an author of many publications, my most recent book is "The 7 Key Questions for Successful Start-ups" available on this site and many good book outlets.  I was host to the popular business tv programme "The Business Conversation" and have spoken internationally at many venues.

Finally I am very personable and approachable, with a genuine desire to see others do well and succeed.  You need the help, and I have the skills and process to help you, so stop delaying and get in touch.